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    Health Official Expresses Concerns Over Epidemiological Situation in Morocco

    The health official advocates for increasing prevention efforts to avoid further crisis due to COVID-19.

    11 Aug 2021

    Rabat - Azzedine Ibrahimi, member of Morocco’s Scientific Technical Committee for COVID-19 Management expressed serious concern regarding the deteriorating epidemiological situation of the country.

    The health official explained that the situation is caused by the rapid spread of the Delta strain in Morocco.

    Ibrahimi said that COVID-19 cases have doubled from what forecasts had predicted.

    The professor explained that the situation, however, was expected and is consequently no surprise as the wave’s peak is upcoming.

    According to Ibrahimi, the cause of most concern is due to the surge in the number of resuscitation cases with over 1,500 patients along with multiple cases that are now following COVID-19 health protocol.

    “If we do not stop the infections today, the situation will worsen even more, because every decision we take now, we will be able to see its result dozens of days after.”

    “The hypothesis of tightening restrictions and partial quarantine and in the short term remains the only remaining solution,” the health official said.

    Ibrahimi warned that the health system in Morocco cannot simply afford to be idle and wait for the virus to continue to spread rapidly without taking action.

    “This means that patients are triaged in hospitals and that hundreds of Moroccans will die within a few months,” he warned.

    Ibrahimi expressed concerns regarding the delta variant, stating that it might impact the whole population.

    While the vaccine can protect, vaccinated individuals are still at risk for contracting the virus, Ibrahimi warned.

    Ibrahimi also commented on the emergence of rapid tests in the underground market after the health ministry withdrew them from pharmacies.

    Pharmacists have been calling on the ministry to allow the resumption of rapid testing after their withdrawal, particularly as underground markets continue to sell them.

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    “I think that the ministry should assume its full responsibility with regard to rapid tests,” the health official said.

    He suggested that if the tests are not effective, the ministry should ensure that they are withdrawn from Morocco entirely.

    “If they are effective, they must be made available to citizens for early detection, which is the basis of effective treatment.”


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