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    Stellantis to Begin Production of Opel Rocks-e in Kenitra

    The new electric vehicle was jointly designed with the African Technical Center.

    29 Aug 2021

    Denver - The multinational automobile conglomerate Stellantis has revealed its plans to produce the new Opel Rocks-e electric car in Morocco.

    The compact Electronic Vehicle (EV) was designed for sustainable urban mobility, and Stellaris will be producing the car through its German subsidiary Opel. Selected to produce the car is the Kenitra plant that is currently producing cars for Peugeot and Citroen, also subsidiaries of Stellantis.

    Stellantis’ chief operating officer, Samir Cherfran, said that the Stellantis Group’s decision to produce the Rocks-e in Morocco further positioned the company as a “major contributor” to the Moroccan automotive industry. Cherfran also highlighted the “talented and diverse team” from the Africa Technical Center which contributed to designing the Rocks-e.

    Stellantis is marketing the new automobile primarily to young drivers and urban dwellers. Measuring approximately eight feet in length, the compact electric vehicle will reportedly reach top speeds of 45 KM/H and have a range of 75 kilometers. It will also share a similar look to the Citroen Ami, which is already currently produced in the Kenitra factory. Starting prices for the Rocks-e are estimated to be around $8,000.

    Featuring a built-in charging cable, company representatives are advertising the car’s small size as one of its main benefits, saying the car was perfect for those “who do not want to spend a lot of time looking for a parking space.”

    The Opel Rocks-e’s small size means that in some regions, the vehicle is classified as a “quadricycle.” This means that in Opel’s home country of Germany, for example, children as young as 15 will be able to own and operate the vehicle without a driver’s license.

    Initial sales of the new EV will begin in Germany this fall, with the company planning to open sales to other markets by 2022.


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