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    Aviation Manufacturer Hexcel Announces Casablanca Factory Expansion

    The US-based company announced the new expansion would double the size of the Moroccan plant.

    05 Sep 2021

    Denver- Hexcel Corporation, a US industrial materials manufacturing company, stated Wednesday it will expand its presence in Morocco with an expansion of its Casablanca factory.

    In the company’s pres release, Hexcel highlighted it expected its expansion plans to be complete by 2023 and touted the growth would lead to an “increase in overall employment in the region.” The Casablanca plant, located in the Mid-Parc Free Trade Zone, currently employs 120 people and focuses on the manufacture of “engineered core parts to reinforce structures in the aerospace industry.”

    Hexcel opened its facility in Morocco in 2018, after two years of construction. With the planned growth, Hexcel expects to employ about 400 people after the expansion is complete. Hexcel commented that the construction of the Casablanca factory was part of a global initiative to “create a diversified and robust global supply chain to support aerospace customers’ growing demand.”

    Hexcel’s planned expansion also includes designs to transition the company into a more environmentally sustainable company. Hexcel announced the planned “installation of solar panels to reduce future reliance on non-sustainable energy sources.”

    Thierry Merlot, President of Hexcel Aerospace in Europe, MEA/AP & Industrial emphasized Morocco’s “highly skilled workforce in the area, support from the state, and proximity to our customers” were key factors that influenced the company’s decision to expand its Casablanca plant.

    Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy Moulay Elalamy commented on the new expansion, stating that the move “gives confidence in Morocco’s dynamic aeronautics sector and its role in creating a carbon-free global economy.” Elalamy recently held meetings with top aeronautical companies in the US, in a bid to attract investors to Morocco’s growing aerospace manufacturing industry.

    President of the Midparc center Hamid Benbrahim el-Andaloussi conveyed Hexcel’s decision “confirms the success of its establishment in Midparc and further reinforces the quality partnership developed between the two companies.”

    Morocco has implemented recent plans to expand economic growth in the national aerospace industry from top aerospace companies. The initiative has attracted the business of major companies including Boeing and has cemented Morocco’s aeronautical industry as a viable investment in the global marketplace.


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