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    Billionaire Richard Branson to Invest in Hotels, Kitesurfing in Dakhla

    Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, visited Dakhla after a trip to Marrakech

    08 Sep 2021

    Denver - British tech entrepreneur Richard Branson has announced his plans to invest in Dakhla’s tourism industry after a recent trip to the southern Moroccan city.

    The city’s local information site Dakhla Spot Online reported Branson’s statement Tuesday, after the billionaire spent time kitesurfing along Dakhla’s coast. Branson is the founder of the successful British investing conglomerate Virgin Group.

    The company’s investment holdings span across several industries, including travel, music, telecommunication, and retail. Branson also famously set the record earlier this year as the first civilian to travel into space. Branson made the trip weeks prior to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

    During a recent trip to Marrakech, Branson took the opportunity to kitesurf in Dakhla, where he said he was “captivated by Dakhla and its region.” Branson surfed down the coast near the city for an hour and a half, before joining his guests and family at a local hotel for dinner.

    Branson is known around the world for his eccentric personality. The Virgin Group executive is notorious for his wild parties and carefree lifestyle. Despite this, he is still a highly successful businessman and is currently the 330th richest man in the world.

    Branson stated his intentions to invest in the area’s travel and leisure activities in support of his newfound interest in southern Morocco. An avid kitesurfer, the British businessman has engaged in recreational activities with several notable individuals, including former US President Barack Obama.

    Dakhla, located deep in the southern portion of Morocco, features some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. However, due to the ongoing political dispute over Western Sahara, the region has not seen as much investment as cities further north.

    But with more international recognition of Moroccan sovereignty in the region in recent years, the city of Dakhla appears to be mustering the potential to become the next leisure and investment hub for Morocco’s burgeoning tourism industry.


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