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    Ryanair To Launch 3 New Air Routes Between Spain, Morocco

    The flights are scheduled to begin in November.

    12 Sep 2021

    Rabat - Low-cost Irish carrier Ryanair has announced the launch of three new air routes linking Morocco and Spain.

    The Irish airline said in a statement today, September 9, that it will launch its flights in November.

    The flights will connect Barcelona El Prat airport with three Moroccan destinations: Agadir, Oujda, and Rabat.

    The flights are scheduled to serve the destinations twice a week.

    The launch indicates Ryanair's commitment to expanding its presence in Morocco.

    Commenting on the launch of the new air routes, Ryanair’s Managing Director Eddie Wilson expressed his pleasure at the company's new winter schedule featuring 10 new flights from Barcelona

    Wilson said that the launch of the new routes confirms Ryanair’s commitment to the recovery of the tourism industry and the employment sector.

    In August, the company unveiled its winter program, linking Moroccan airports with a number of European destinations.

    The airline said that one of its winter flight schedules connects Marrakech with several European destinations, including Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, and Valencia.

    The program also offers flights to Ibiza, Bergamo, Rome, and Toulouse among others.

    The company will also connect Agadir with Bordeaux and Marseille, while the Fez Saiss airport will provide flights to European cities such as Spain’s Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Valencia, and France’s Marseille, Nimes, and Toulouse.

    The program also includes other flights connecting several destinations to Morocco.


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