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    Morocco's Court of Auditors to Investigate Political Parties’ Campaign Funding

    15 Sep 2021

    Meknes - Candidates who run for Morocco's latest general elections have to fill out an expense statement detailing both the amount and origins of the money they spent during their electoral campaign.

    A statement from Morocco's Court of Auditors announced that candidates must deposit accounts of funding sources and expenses to the council within a 'period of sixty (60) days from the date of the official announcement of the final results of the September 8, 2021 poll.'

    The court has set a digital platform for candidates to fill in their expense statements according to appropriate procedures.

    Candidates have to first register via the digital platform, and second to fill in 'data related to the electoral campaign’s income and expenses,' the Court of Auditors noted.

    Accounts of electoral campaigns should be printed and signed by candidates, including a statement of funding sources and an inventory of expenses and accessories.

    Candidates should then deposit their accounts in their regional court of accounts at an appointment they take through the link designated for this.

    In its statement, the Court of Auditors said it fulfills this investigative duty in accordance with the provisions of Article 147 of the Moroccan constitution. The article notably tasks the court with examining expenditures related to electoral processes for the purpose of transparency and fairness, the statement suggested.

    In addition, per both the provisions of the Article 95 of Organic Law No. 27.11 and the Article 157 of Organic Law No. 59.11 relating to the House of Representatives by electing domain members, the Court of Auditors has the right to examine the expenditures and source of funding allocated to electoral campaigns.

    The Court of Auditors fulfills a mission dedicated to achieve the requirements of good governance, transparency, and democracy in Morocco.

    On its website, the court noted it accomplishes duties related to ensuring 'the regularity, efficiency and transparency of the management of public finances, and thus to ensure the exercise of an integrated and balanced control over all the participants in the various acts of management of the aforementioned finances.'


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