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    Morocco launches a campaign to persuade Brits buy their produce

    15 Sep 2021

    Morocco has launched its first export campaign in the UK to help UK businesses and consumers discover various Moroccan food products and to promote Moroccan offerings as a fast, reliable and credible alternative.

    The campaign consists of a series of creative B2B and B2C initiatives, which have the added value of architecture in the production and processing of stress, with a particular focus on the quality and variety of its food and as a beverage, sustainable growing practices, competitive prices, and reliable logistics.

    The campaign coincides with the opening of a new direct shipping route between Tangier and Poole, reducing travel time from more than six days by road to less than three. Until now, maritime trade between the two countries took place through two crossings, the first between Morocco and Spain. The new route will significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to road logistics chains.

    Morocco has long maintained trade relations with the UK and Europe. The “special relationship” between Morocco and the UK, dating back more than 800 years ago, and every year, closer all the time,” says El-Mehdi El-Alami, director of the export promotion and development in Morocco FoodEx, the Moroccan agency for the control and promotion of food export, that is part of the department of Agriculture.

    “Now we have a real opportunity to take our economic and trade relations to a higher level. Food is such an important part of the history and identity of Morocco, and we are very proud of our high quality products, authentic cuisine, and the sustainability of our supply of food and drinks. That is what we want to promote with this campaign in the UK.”

    Morocco, an exporter of food including citrus, vegetables, fish and processed products, has extensive experience in the field of cultivation and agribusiness, an important pillar of its economy. With around 8.5 million hectares of fertile land and a temperate Mediterranean climate, Morocco’s growing potential is unmatched.

    The campaign marks the beginning of a broader initiative by Morocco Foodex to promote the quality and importance of Moroccan cultivation.


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