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    Business, Investment Opportunities in Morocco Highlighted at Canada-Arab Business Forum

    26 Sep 2021

    Montreal - Business and investment opportunities in Morocco, its economic attractiveness and its vocation as a hub for exports, were highlighted during the Canada-Arab Business Forum (September 21-23).

    Organized by the Canada-Arab Business Council, the forum was held in a virtual format, with the participation of the Premiers of Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canadian and Arab economic and institutional operators, and members of the diplomatic corps.

    Canadian officials were unanimous, on this occasion, to emphasize the need to strengthen and promote trade and investment between Canada and the Arab world, in various sectors of economic activity.

    The economic service of the Moroccan Embassy in Canada and the Moroccan Association of Exporters (ASMEX) took an active part both in the organization of the Forum and as speakers, in order to present and promote the business and investment opportunities in Morocco, to Canadian companies.

    Speaking on this occasion, the president of the Group 'Halal and Bio Export' within ASMEX, Adnane Gueddari, reviewed the multiple opportunities that represent the Business of Halal and Bio products in Morocco and their potential breakthrough on the Canadian market.


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