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    Morocco to Establish Its First Floating Photovoltaic Power Plant

    The new power plant is a culmination of Morocco’s remarkable efforts in the fight against climate change.

    27 Sep 2021

    Rabat - In yet another sign of its continued efforts to combat climate change through the use of renewable energy, Morocco will install its first floating photovoltaic power plant in the coming weeks in the Sidi Slimane province.

    The plant will be the first of its kind in Africa, and will be executed by Energy Handle, a firm specializing in renewable and green energy, using the new technology of photovoltaics.

    The plant is projected to produce an output of 360 KW in its first phase, with an annual production of around 644 MWh annually, using 800 panels.

    Solar energy is expected to be a leader in the world’s ongoing fight against climate change, as solar panels can generate a large amount of energy with no greenhouse gas emissions.

    Photovoltaic technology offers many advantages in this regard as it can produce larger amounts of power while saving energy.

    Floating photovoltaic panels can also improve energy output by using the water they float off for cooling in the summer months.

    Hassan Ait Bella, the president of Energy Handle, the company in charge of the project, said that the plant is “the fruit of efforts by the Energy Handle team that lasted for more than a year in partnership with the Spanish firm Isignere.”

    Photovoltaic technology has a long history; it has been used in specialized installations and systems since the 90s, although the first mass-produced variants date back only to the 2000s.

    While Solar energy can help in the fight against climate change, many experts predict that with the proper scaling, it could actually help meet global demand for a cheaper price than traditional non-renewable energy.


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