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    Morocco’s Tourism Office: New Strategic Approach to Promote Morocco Abroad

    After months of constant travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, Moroccan tourism actors disclose a new approach to promote Morocco as an international tourism destination.

    06 Oct 2021

    Rabat – The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) is initiating a new approach in its delegations abroad for the revitalization of Morocco’s tourism sector through setting commercial and marketing strategies in the global tourism markets.

    The new approach is part of the organizational strategy that the Office launched two years ago to respond to the sector’s constant evolutions and new strategic challenges.

    The ONMT agreed, stating, a reassignment of its human resources is carried out in its international delegations from Spain and France.

    The ONMT office in Madrid will receive two new delegates: Khalid Mimi and Salma Sebbar. Mimi’s mission is to boost and revitalize tourism activity in the Spanish, Portuguese, and South American markets, while Sebbar is tasked with rebuilding Morocco's pre-crisis in the aviation sector and sales by relying on the Spanish markets’ key players to develop more opportunities in favor of tourism in Morocco.

    Mimi graduated from the International Higher Institute of Tourism of Tangier (ISITT) and began his career at the ONMT as head of marketing and partnerships.

    He was subsequently in charge of strategic studies and was later transferred to the office’s Paris delegation in which he served as a director since September 2016.

    Meanwhile, Jihad Chakib and Loubna Lahlimi Alami were appointed to the delegation in Paris to bring their expertise into Morocco’s first and biggest international tourism market.

    Chakib also graduated from ISITT and joined ONMT in 2006 where he held several positions within the communication department such as the Head of Institutional Communication in 2008.

    He previously worked as an ONMT delegate in Abu Dhabi and was tasked with strengthening Morocco’s brand image within the GCC countries as well as the deployment of marketing and commercial strategies to make Morocco a main destination for tourists.

    The newly appointed delegates are expected to join their new headquarters in the first quarter of 2022.

    Morocco’s tourism sector is substantial in its contributions to both the annual GDP and the employment rate.


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