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    Royal Air Maroc Offers Refunds for Cancelled Flights To, From Russia

    Morocco’s flagship carrier Royal Air Maroc has canceled flights to Russia, and is offering passengers refunds or change in flight itinerary.

    07 Oct 2021

    Denver- After Morocco’s decision to cancel flights to Russia, the country’s flagship airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) stated that it will comply with Rabat’s new announcement.

    In a post on the company’s official Twitter account, Royal Air Maroc stated “all flights from Morocco to Russia will be suspended until further notice.” The decision came after Rabat suspended direct flights to and from the country due to the surge of COVID-19 cases currently sweeping through Russia.

    In light of the circumstances, Royal Air Maroc announced it would offer passengers that purchased tickets to Russia the option of changing their travel itinerary between now and December 15 of this year.

    Passengers also have the option of reclaiming their unused tickets by returning to their original point of purchase as a voucher or as cash.

    While direct flights to Russia were temporarily suspended, Rabat did not suspend transit flights through third countries.

    As Russia struggles to control the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the country, Morocco’s strict social health policies and preventive measures has enabled the North African country to emerge as one of the most prominent countries in COVID-19 prevention.

    A few days after Morocco’s Ministry of Health announced plans to provide a third “booster” vaccine shot to its citizens, nearly 30,000 Moroccan citizens have already received their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, nearly 20 million Moroccan citizens have received their first dose, and about 23 million people have received their second dose of the vaccine.

    As a result of the current situation, Morocco remains focused on maintaining a positive health situation to ensure the quickest possible reopening of the country without compromising national security or health.

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