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    Moroccan Cancer Research Looks to Improve Survival Rates for Women

    The multi-step project will span fourteen years and include the creation of a specialized research center.

    07 Oct 2021

    Denver - Cancer research is taking a significant step forward in Africa with a new Moroccan-created initiative to delve further into ovarian cancer research.

    The Ovarian Cancer in North-East Morocco (OVANORDEST) program is a multi-step program founded by Moroccan cancer researcher Khalid El Bairi. El Bairi’s research addresses an area that is severely under-investigated in Morocco. At the time El Bairi began the project, data sources related to ovarian cancer’s causes, effects, and survival rates were found to be nearly non-existent within the country.

    El Bairi’s project seeks to rectify the situation in three phases. The first phase, scheduled to last between 2017-2022, will lay the framework for the program by collecting real-life data on ovarian cancer in Morocco, while also establishing support systems for oncologists currently treating the disease.

    In the second phase, planned for 2023-2026, researchers will collate the data from the previous phase and will work to draw a valid hypothesis from the results. The researchers will also seek to create a formal Moroccan society dedicated to oncology research and will prioritize the search for external funding to expand their research.

    In the last phase of the program, researchers plan on developing methods to help treat women with ovarian cancer in countries with lower socioeconomic development. The establishment of the Moroccan Institute for Ovarian Cancer (MIOC), which will serve as both a specialized research center and hospital for ovarian cancer treatment, is also an instrumental part of this phase. The center will also provide additional research for future studies on ovarian cancer.

    El Bairi’s project stretches to 2030, and the researcher plans on ultimately supporting government-passed policies to improve research efforts, as well as provide adequate support and information for Moroccan women with ovarian cancer to make better decisions and receive quality healthcare.

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