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    Minister: Morocco Is a ‘Prime Destination for Renewable Energies’

    The newly-appointed Minister has extensive experience in energy policy working for several global energy giants.

    12 Oct 2021

    Denver - Morocco’s newly appointed Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Leila Benali has highlighted Morocco’s ambitious future energy goals by describing the country as “a prime destination for renewable energies.”

    Having developed one of the most ambitious energy plans in North Africa, Morocco intends to curb carbon emissions and transition 52% of the country’s electrical power to renewable sources within the next nine years.

    In a 2016 article, Benali shed some light on steps Morocco’s energy authorities should take to ensure the development of sustainable energy networks within the country.

    In her article, Benali focuses on the future of gas in Morocco, highlighting three necessary steps to secure the future of Moroccan energy.

    Morocco must “choose between coal and natural gas, define a real gas strategy including the gasification policy for sectors other than electricity, and - finally, if necessary, create an institutionally and formally independent regulator,” she wrote.

    Benali highlighted Morocco’s ongoing efforts to transition to renewable energy sources.

    Referring to Morocco’s existing - and encouraging - sustainability projects as “strong signals” of its eco-friendly energy commitments to international investors, she described the country as “a prime destination for renewable energies.”

    Benali also noted Morocco that has “all the assets to become a hub for a regional energy market.” Throughout the piece, her focus remained on the country’s need to develop its Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) structure. A transition to LNG would reduce the country’s dependence on regional pipelines, she argued.

    Regarded as the least environmentally harmful form of fossil fuel, LNG takes up considerably less volume in its cooled state. This means LNG is easily transported via large container ships and would allow Morocco “greater security of supply,” according to Benali.

    Highlighting this, Benali proposed the creation of a private entity dedicated to developing the project and negotiating with foreign suppliers.

    Now tasked to lead Morocco’s new Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Minister Benali has nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the field of energy strategy that she will be able to utilize in developing and implementing Morocco’s energy policy.

    Her work has contributed to energy policies for several major global players, including in Saudi Arabia with Aramco, in the UAE, and the World Economic Forum. Prior to assuming her current role within Morocco’s government, Benali served as Chief Economist of the International Energy Forum.


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