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    Potential End of Maghreb Europe Pipeline Will Not Impact Morocco 'Immediately’

    Algeria said that it will supply Spain with gas directly through its Medgaz pipeline, casting doubts on the renewal of the Maghreb Europe pipeline.

    12 Oct 2021

    Rabat - Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has said that his country will supply Spain with gas through Medgaz, a submarine pipeline directly connecting Algeria to Spain.

    During his interview with local media on Sunday, Tebboune commented on the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline, whose fate remains uncertain and mired in a cycle of allegations and counter-allegations amid recent, Algeria-fueled tensions between Rabat and Algiers.

    The Algerian government decided to cut diplomatic relations with Morocco in August, citing unproven claims of Morocco colluding with regional actors to destabilize Algeria. Many observers have since explained that Algeria’s decision is likely to impact the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline.

    The pipeline’s contract is expected to expire at the end of October. And with ongoing regional tensions, projections are that Algeria will most likely not agree to a potential renewal.

    Algeria supplies Spain with gas through the Maghreb Europe Pipeline. Until now, however, there have been no talks regarding the renewal of the contract.

    According to data from Europe Maghreb Pipeline Limited (EMPL), over 30% of the natural gas consumed in Spain is transported from Algeria through Morocco.

    As the Spanish government has raised concerns about the termination of what it considers a crucial deal, President Tebboune has promised that Algeria will supply Madrid with gas through Medgaz.

    But Tebboune’s remarks also acknowledged that there will be challenges in meeting Spain’s needs.

    “If there is any malfunction, all our ships will go to Spain to deliver liquefied natural gas.”

    He said that there is no decision regarding the supply of Algerian gas to Morocco.

    He also said that Algeria will continue to pump gas via the pipeline until the end of the contract scheduled for October 31.

    Amid doubts, a source quoted by Moroccan newspaper Le360 said that a potential decision to not renew the contract will not have any immediate effects on Morocco.

    “The source emphasized that Morocco is ready to face all scenarios,” Le360 reported

    In the event of nonrenewal of the pipeline, Morocco “will not let the pipeline rot. Morocco will soon use it by reversing the direction of the pipeline gas flows, which if applicable, will be routed from Spain,” the report quoted the source as saying.

    The source added that Morocco will not have any short-term impact on electricity supply, saying: “Morocco is currently in excess of electricity production capacity. If necessary, we can always import electricity.


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