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    Rabat’s Tramway Company Launches New App, Facilitates Users’ Experience

    Travellers will be able to purchase tickets through the app, while also validating their pass using their phones.

    13 Oct 2021

    Rabat - The Tramway Company of Rabat-Sale (STRS) announced the launch of a new app “Tram mobile” available starting on Monday, October 11.

    The app aims to promote a progressive digitization of transportation services within the capital agglomeration, STRS said in a statement.

    A first in Morocco, the app now allows Tramway customers to buy and validate their transport tickets (M-tickets and Subscriptions) from their phones in a secure, reliable and digital way.

    This new service is intended to be scalable, and will integrate in a second stage other features related in particular to real-time passenger information and the availability of spaces in park-and-ride lots.

    According to STRS, the app aims to “expand, improve and facilitate the service offered to customers of the Rabat Salé Tramway network.”

    STRS and its network operator Transdev Rabat-Salé have set up an information and support system for customers in stations and on board trains to facilitate the experience of purchasing and using their digital tickets on their phones.

    The Rabat-Sale tramway has been a successful project since its inception, and the company has announced an extension project to be launched in the near future.

    With a total length of almost 20 km, the capital’s tramway serves a population of 400,000 and carries up to 170,000 passengers per day.

    With a stop every 500 meters, many of the city's major facilities are now accessible.

    The two lines of the Rabat-Sale tramway total 22 km and 38 stations, including 3 km of common trunk, for the crossing of the Bouregreg river between Rabat and Salé.


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