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    Akhannouch’s Government Pledges to Promote ‘Made in Morocco’ Label

    Morocco’s new Prime Minister promises to take the necessary measures to promote the “Made in Morocco” label.

    14 Oct 2021

    Rabat - Morocco’s new Head of Government declared on Monday, October 11, that his government is committed to promoting Moroccan labels nationally and internationally by enacting strategic protectionism.

    As part of its 2021-2026 program, Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch said in a speech before the two chambers of the Moroccan parliament that the government will enact a number of policies to help domestic industries.

    The new policies are mainly driven by the need to make the “Made in Morocco” label the backbone of post-pandemic economic growth, he argued. Simplifying legal and administrative procedures relating to the creation and management of startups will ensure that small and medium companies will operate within a legal framework.

    Calls for promoting and supporting national brands date back to the 2014 “Made in Morocco Label” initiative.

    Launched by Moroccan MDs “Managing Directors” and CEOs “Chief Executive Officers,” the initiative is aimed at “sustaining” and “promoting” Moroccan manufacturing.

    The founders of the initiative also created the Professional Association of Moroccan Brands (APMM), which is a non-profit association aiming to “enhance” the “Made in Morocco” label.

    The government’s pledge comes amid reports that the majority of Moroccans are ready to support local brands.

    72% of Moroccans aged 35 and over believe that “Made in Morocco” products are trusworthy, and this sentiment is even more prevalent among middle class Moroccan aged 35 and over, according to a 2021 study by Imperium, a Moroccan big data company.

    The same study indicates that young middle-class Moroccans aged 24 or less are less confident of local brands.

    Akhannouch suggested his government would remain committed to transforming Morocco into a manufacturing hub and a trade junction between Europe and Africa.

    Morocco’s efforts to improve the business environment through macroeconomic policies and trade liberalization is boosting the country’s appeal as a prized destination for foreign investors.

    With the new government’s pledge to both cement Morocco’s appeal to foreign investments and promote “Made in Morocco” labels, it remains to be seen how they will navigate the delicate task of supporting Moroccan brands without hurting Morocco’s attractiveness to investors.


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