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    Maroc Telecom Customer Base Nears 73 Million Users

    A significant amount of growth came from the Moroccan company’s continental business, with over 48 million users in other African countries.

    27 Oct 2021

    Denver - Morocco’s main telecommunications company Maroc Telecom reported an increase in its user base over the previous year.

    According to the company’s report, nearly three million new users were added to its networks, with significant growth in its subsidiaries and international markets. The company’s subsidiaries reported a growth of 4.2%, while its mobile sector grew by 1.6%

    Fixed-line service reflected a slight decline of -0.4%, although this could largely be attributed to the declining usage of landlines. However, internet services from the company, specifically its broadband customer base, grew to 1.7 million subscribers over the past year.

    Maroc Telecom attributed the growth to its widespread installation of new fiber optic cables throughout the country, in a bid to provide stable internet access across Morocco.

    Internationally, Maroc Telecom reported reaching a staggering 48.5 million customers during its statement. Its customers are spread throughout the African continent, with Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, and Mali having the highest number of subscribers.

    Maroc Telecom is Morocco’s largest company in the telecommunications sector and is reported to bring in over $3.6 billion in revenue. Founded in 1998, the company was originally operated by the central government.

    However, Emirati-based telecommunications service Etisalat bought a majority stake of 53% in 2013, while the government maintained a 22% hold.

    Maroc Telecom has since conducted business with major international telecommunications companies including Huawei, and has invested in the development of telecommunications in other countries throughout Africa.


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