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    Morocco’s Attijariwafa Bank Wins ‘Best Moroccan Bank of the Year’ Award

    Attijariwafa Bank, one of Morocco’s largest banks, won “Best Moroccan Bank of the Year” and “Best Investment Bank” awards.

    31 Oct 2021

    Rabat - Morocco’s Attijariwafa Bank won, for the 7th year in a row, the “Best Moroccan Bank of the Year” award in a ceremony held in London on October 25.

    Attijari finance corp, a subsidiary investment bank of the Attijariwafa Group, also received the “Best investment Bank” award during a ceremony organized by EMEA Finance Magazine, a leading magazine in financial and development news in Europe and the MENA region.

    Earlier this year, Attijariwafa Bank also received the 'Best Investment Bank in Morocco' award for the year 2021 from the prestigious American magazine Global Finance.

    The Societe Generale, one of the major banking groups in Morocco, also won three awards under the African banking Awards categories related to Morocco. The financial group won “Best foreign Bank” award, “Best Asset Manager,” and “Best Broker” award in Morocco.

    The Societe Generale banking group claimed, in total, 13 awards in different categories such as the “Best Bank” award in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Madagascar, and Tunisia, as well as the “Best Investment Bank” in Cameroon, and Ivory Coast.

    The awards factor in performance, market shares, product innovation, and the profitability of the bank strategy among other parameters.

    The various awards categories aim to highlight the achievement of financial institutions and individuals who contribute to the transformation and the development of Africa’s financial landscape. The awards also considers the inclusivity of banking institutions on the African continent by factoring the number of women who hold senior positions.

    In North Africa, Morocco holds the highest financial inclusion rate, with more than 60% of the adult population accessing financial services. However, the overall performance of the financial landscape in the African continent remains mediocre, with the past 20 years marked by a continuous decline due to the political instabilities in the region.


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