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    Israel’s Israir Airline to Resume Flights to Morocco on November 11

    Israel’s second largest flag carrier will resume flights to Marrakech after unexpectedly suspending them for over 4 months.

    09 Nov 2021

    Rabat – Israel’s Israir Airlines announced that it will resume flights from Tel Aviv to Marrakech on Thursday, November 11.

    The airlines said that an airbus A320 is expected to land at Marrakech’s Menara airport in the late afternoon of November 11 with 189 passengers on board.

    The aircraft will take off again to Tel Aviv an hour later with 168 passengers from Morocco.

    Israir, Israel's second-largest airline, launched its first nine-hour direct flight to Marrakech in July with 90 passengers on board.

    While launching that first flight, the company said it would schedule five flights a week between the two destinations. However, for unknown reasons, Israir suspended its flights and the inaugural flight remained the only one that the company has operated so far.

    The airline company has not provided any explanations regarding the decision to suddenly suspend its flights to Morocco.

    The recent launch of direct flights between Morocco and Israel is part of the US-moderated agreement Israel and Morocco signed in December 2020 shortly after the two countries’ decided to re-establish diplomatic ties.

    According to an Israeli newspaper, Israel’s flag carrier considers flights with Morocco to “be very popular among Israeli clientele.”

    50,000 Israelis are estimated to visit Morocco annually.

    With approximately 450,000 Jewish people of Moroccan origin living in Israel, Israeli airlines are gradually increasing their flight frequencies to take advantage of the gradually improving relations between the two nations.

    Most Jewish are reported to have had a positive view of Morocco even before the much-covered Israel-Morocco “normalization agreement” in December of last year.

    The North African kingdom’s first encounter with large Jewish populations dates back to years before the emergence of the Roman Empire.

    And although the vast majority of Jewish-Moroccans emigrated to Israel after World War II, Morocco is still home to the biggest Jewish diaspora in the Arab world, with approximately 2000 of the 8.3 million Jews living outside Israel now residing in the North African country.


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