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    Morocco's Gas Production to Reach 110 Million Cubic Meters in 2021

    To reduce its energy sector’s reliance on gas, Morocco has invested heavily in renewable energies with the goal of producing over 52% of its electricity demand from the sector by 2030.

    10 Nov 2021

    Rabat - Minister of Energy Leila Benali has said that the country’s local gas production capacity is expected to reach 110 million cubic meters in 2021.

    Benali told members of the House of Representatives on Monday that Morocco’s annual gas consumption stands at one billion cubic meters, and that the country’s gas needs would triple to three billion cubic meters by 2040.

    The minister made the remarks in response to questions from MPs regarding Algeria’s decision to terminate the Maghreb Europe gas pipeline.

    Recalling Morocco’s plans to produce 52% of energy from renewable energies by 2025, she emphasized that the country is committed to boosting its renewable energies sector as part of its policy to produce a considerable amount of its energy needs from renewable sources.

    Currently, the installed capacity of renewable energy sources in Morocco amounts to 3,950 megawatts, representing about 37% of the total installed electric power or 20% of the country’s electricity demand

    In the last decade, Morocco invested $5.8 billion in renewable energy projects, with the goal of producing over 52% of its electricity demand from the sector by 2030.

    Benali announced on Monday that Morocco has launched consultations with regional and international actors to set up a sustainable and efficient system for the management of its natural gas supplies.

    She added that Morocco seeks to adopt a green plan based on 100% renewable resources, with the objective of achieving additional capacity of about 5,200 megawatts by 2026-2030.


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