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    Royal Air Maroc Announces New Travel Requirement for US-Bound Passengers

    Royal Air Maroc announced similar conditions for travelers going to Spain

    14 Nov 2021

    Rabat - Moroccan national carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) informed its customers of changes to travel requirements to fly to the US.

    Royal Air Maroc tweeted today about the travel update.

    Royal Air Maroc quoted the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who announced changes in the travel requirements to enter American territory.

    The conditions concern all passengers aged two and up and require all

    Non-US citizens and non-US migrants to be fully vaccinated prior to traveling to the US.

    Non-US citizens and non-US immigrants additionally have to show a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19.

    “If you are a non-U.S. citizen non-U.S. immigrant and not fully vaccinated, you will not be allowed to enter the United States. Only limited exceptions apply to the requirement to show proof of vaccination,” the CDC emphasized.

    Travelers going to the US need to be fully vaccinated and should provide proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than three days before travel.

    If not fully vaccinated, travelers need to present a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than one day before travel.

    “Children under years old do not need to take tests. There is also an option for people who have documented recovery from COVID-19 in the past 90 days,” the CDC said, calling on travelers to carefully study the requirements.

    Royal Air Maroc announced similar requirements for passengers traveling to Spain.


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