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    Moroccan Mohamed Bachiri to Become Country Director of Renault Group

    Mohamed Bachiri is the first Moroccan to be appointed Country Director in the history of the well-known car manufacturing company, Renault Group

    14 Nov 2021

    Rabat – Renault Group Morocco announced, on Thursday November 11, 2021, the appointment of Mohamed Bachiri as new director of the company, succeeding Marc Nassif, previous director since 2016.

    Bachiri will be beginning his activities as head of the French car manufacturing company starting December 1, 2021, making him the first Moroccan to become Country Director for Renault in Morocco in the history of the group.

    According to Renault Group, Mohamed Bachiri will be in charge of the coordination and synergies of the group's various activities in Morocco.

    “Bachiri will all the while be retaining his current position as director of the Renault plant in Tangier and coordinator of the industrial branch in Morocco,” the company added.

    Born on December 29, 1965, MohamedBachiri graduated from the University of Lille and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ESC Lille School of Management in Paris.

    The newly appointed director joined Renault Group in 2006 as director of Human Resources for Somaca and Renault Commerce in Morocco.

    In 2009, he began investing in human capital for the launch of Africa's largest factory.

    He was able to achieve this by recruiting and training the 5000 future employees of the Renault plant in Tangier in the production of ‘Made in Morocco’ vehicles that meet international quality standards for the large global automotive group.

    From 2013 to 2015, he joined Renault Spain where he specialized in manufacturing, then became Director General of Somaca back in Morocco from 2015 to 2020.

    “I have trust in Mohamed Bachiri to continue the work started and capitalize on the power of the entire automotive ecosystem of the Kingdom, consolidating Morocco's place within the group,” said Denis Le Vot, Director General of Dacia & Lada.


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