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    Morocco’s Inter Tridim to Build Aeronautical Maintenance Center in Senegal

    The project is expected to generate at least 150 direct employment opportunities.

    16 Nov 2021

    Rabat - Moroccan company Inter Tridim will build an aeronautical maintenance center in Senegal.

    Senegalese news outlet Sene Plus reports that the maintenance center will be part of Senegal’s Blaise Diagne International Airport (Aibd). Inter Tridim will build the center over a period of 18 months, according to the report.

    Aibd and Tridim signed the contract for the project on Saturday.

    “The infrastructure will include a specific aircraft hangar, part of which will house workshops to store parts and components for general overhaul,” the Moroccan company said.

    Aibd emphasized that the facility will include another building that will house administrative offices and space for aircraft manufacturers.

    “It will be possible to extend the building without stopping activities.”

    Aibd CEO Doudou Ka said that his company started looking for partnerships and received several offers.

    “We finally made the choice,” Doudou Ka said.

    The CEO emphasized that the Moroccan company already has knowledge about Senegal as it carried out other infrastructure projects, including work on bridges, in the West African country.

    Senegal seeks to generate 150 direct jobs with the new project.

    Yassine Assad, managing director of Inter Tridim, expressed satisfaction after his company secured the project.

    He said that Inter Tridim is capable of doing “any kind of work,” adding “As part of the bilateral relations between the two countries, we have been able to come to an agreement to build a sophisticated aircraft maintenance hangar” that meet international standards:

    The news comes as Morocco is gradually establishing itself as a regional leader in the automotive and aeronautical industries.

    Although both industries suffered major suffering due to COVID-19 and closure of borders, they remained among Morocco’s booming sectors in the last year.

    Before leaving office late in the summer, Morocco’s former Minister of Trade Moulay Hafid Elalamy said the country’s aeronautical sector will emerge stronger after the pandemic.

    The minister said Morocco has “established itself over the years as a credible player in this sector, playing in complete transparency and clarity, in the big leagues.”


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