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    Madaef Eco6 Program to Promote Tourism in Fez

    The tourism program is set to promote Morocco’s cultural and spiritual capital, Fez, by encouraging innovative projects in the region.

    18 Nov 2021

    Rabat – Moroccan tourism investment company Madaef announced today the launch of the call for projects for the 6th edition of the Madaef Eco6 program dedicated to the city of Fez.

    Madaef specializes in the promotion of new destinations in Morocco through the development of tourism assets and offers across the country.

    The call for projects, which is set to run from November 17 to December 30, 2021, is open to all project leaders, startups of all sizes, craftsmen and cooperatives wishing to actively contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Fez.

    In a press release, Madaef said it is looking to improve the city’s attractiveness and stimulate local entrepreneurship by encouraging innovative projects in the region.

    Madaef is present in Fez with several renowned hotel units, spas, as well as two golf courses.

    Eligible projects for the upcoming program must be related to the following fields: the promotion of historical heritage, entertainment and leisure activities, hotel units and golf course services, the promotion of craftsmanship, terroir and culinary arts, corporate and group events, as well as the promotion of the hinterland, the press release noted.

    Selected candidates will benefit from the Madaef Eco6 support platforms, which will provide them with access to markets with publishing partner units, advanced bank financing solutions, as well as other exclusive benefits.

    Madaef Eco6 held its previous programs in many hotel units across the country, such as Taghazout Bay, Madaef Golfs, Saidia Resorts, Tamuda Bay, and Al Hoceima.

    Tourism represents 7% of Morocco’s Gross domestic product (GDP), and the country’s favorable weather and its proximity to the European continent make it a highly attractive destination.

    But Morocco’s tourism sector has been facing some uncertainty following recent flight suspensions with European countries.


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