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    Kep Technologies Joins Nouaceur Aerospace Industrial Park

    International engineering company Kep Technologies is opening a new facility in “MidParc,” Morocco’s industrial park dedicated to aerospace.

    22 Nov 2021

    Fez - The integrated aerospace industrial plant “MidParc” in Nouaceur welcomed yesterday a new partner, Kep Technologies. Morocco’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, attended the signatory ceremony.

    With Kep Technologies as a new partner in the aviation engine components market, MidParc expects to increase its production capacity and diversify its products in the sectors of aerospace, railroads, and renewable energies.

    Mezzour said, in a meeting prior to signing the agreement, that “beyond the industrial and technological aspect of the company, Kep Technologies, as well as the doubling of production and jobs, its technological and symbolic value is an important and comforting choice.” This gives an impulse to the “positioning of the industrial sector in Morocco in general.”

    Sandra Schindler, general director of Kep Technologies, explained the firm is “active in the design and manufacture of parts and metal sub-assemblies for engine parts.” The director added that the “development and diversification [of activities] is carried out in fields of defense, transport, luxury, and rail.”

    Schindler stressed the importance of their presence at MidParc to develop their “turnover and competence.” She added that their future in the ecosystem will boost “interaction with stakeholders in Midparc.”

    For his part, Hamid Benbrahim El Andaloussi, president of MidPac, said that “Kep Technologies, by moving to MidParc, enriches the engine ecosystem.” The president recalled that the “engine ecosystem is at the heart of the transformation of aeronautics,” with the aspiration to boost “the technological breakthrough to achieve zero-emission aircraft.”

    Al Andaloussi recalled that MidParc is collaborating with the ministry of industry in this ecosystem which “is very important for the development of our aeronautic activity.”

    According to some Moroccan local media, Mezzour said earlier this month that 41% of an aircraft’s components can now be manufactured in Morocco. In addition, the minister stated that the aerospace sector will be able to create more than 17,000 new jobs by 2026. According to the figures presented by the top executive, the sector currently employs around 11,000 people.

    It was in September 2013 that King Mohammed VI inaugurated the integrated industrial plant for aerospace dubbed MedParc in Nouaceur. The project reflects the King's efforts to expand the competitiveness of Morocco’s domestic aeronautical industry sector.

    The integrated industrial plant cost 887.6 million dirhams ($96,5 million) to build and spans 124.4 hectares.

    Incoming minister Ryad Mezzour launched a roadmap to revive the aeronautic industry. On October 22, he met with the Group of Moroccan Aviation and Space Industries (GIMAS) to establish a strategy for the aeronautical sector's development in Morocco.

    Before leaving office,Moulay Hafid Elalamy, former -Minister of Industry, Trade, and the Green and Digital Economy of Morocco, made efforts to uplift the sector of aeronautics in the North African country.

    Elalamy went on a working tour to the US in August, where he met with a number of important leaders in the North American aeronautics sector. Among the notables Elalamy met was Stanley Deal, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). Boeing's ability to establish production systems in Morocco was discussed by Elalamy and Deal.

    French company Le Piston (LPF), a firm specializing in aeronautics, built its second manufacturing facility in Morocco earlier this year. The plant, which is said to have cost over $6 million doll

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