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    Morocco and France Commit to Boosting Economic Relations

    Morocco and France are committed to further boost their economic partnerships.

    24 Nov 2021

    Rabat – France’s Minister Delegate of Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, Franck Riester, said on November 22 in Casablanca that his country is “more than ready” to further strengthen its economic ties with Morocco.

    During his visit to Morocco, the representative expressed France’s willingness to develop several economic partnerships with the North African country.

    “We wish to share with business leaders our common ambition to develop economic partnerships, exchanges between France and Morocco to demonstrate how determined our country is to strengthen the specific relationship we have with the Kingdom,” he said.

    In a meeting with the president of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) Chakib Alj, Riester expressed his satisfaction with the “solid, excellence, and sustainable” ties between Morocco and France.

    He affirmed that two countries would benefit from working together on the different fields of cooperation development in line with Morocco’s new development model (NMD) and France’s recovery plan.

    Presented by President Emmanuel Macron, the French government’s 2030 plan represents a potential for considerable partnerships in sectors such as partnerships in agri-food, aeronautics, automotive, renewable energies, new technologies, and transport.

    “Those sectors that have a lot of potential for the future that we must build with Morocco both at the governmental level but also at the level of entrepreneurs and the private sector,” Riester argued.

    The meeting also focused on giving a strong impetus to co-investment and joint ventures between the two nations.

    Chakib Alj said that the joint ventures can be “in strategic sectors with future potential such as digital and sustainability.”

    To further highlight Morocco-France economic relations, the CGEM president stressed the need to remove barriers such as the tightening of visa procedures since the beginning of the year for Moroccans.

    Alj concluded the meeting by emphasizing on establishing a “healthy and favorable” business climate to deepen business relations between the two parties.


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