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Chery EQ1 Brings Stylish and Competitive Electric Cars to Morocco

Finally, Morocco is poised to start its electric car revolution with the introduction of this sleek and affordable car

28 Nov 2021

Morocco is ready for its electric car revolution. From the manufacturing sector to the installation of electric car chargers along the country’s roads, the only missing piece has been the absence of an electric car that Moroccans both want and can afford.

Innovative Chinese car brand Chery is now poised to change this. It’s new Chery EQ1 electric vehicle provides an attractive option to young Moroccans who are eager to travel without the need to buy gasoline or diesel.

Attractive mobility

The Chery EQ1 is a small electric vehicle that allows travel enthusiasts to venture out into the country in a sleek electric vehicle. A single charge of the EQ1’s engine is enough to travel from Rabat to Tangier or Fez, or a round-trip between Casablanca and Rabat. The EQ1’s premium model even has a range of 408 km, allowing for travel between Marrakech and Rabat.

With the introduction of charging stations along Morocco’s road network, Morocco’s young entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts now have a fossil fuel-free option to explore their country.

The Chery EQ1’s design alone is enough to make the car an attractive option for many. The car has a clean new look that compliments its efficient 55kW engine that is capable of going from 1-50 km in 5 seconds. The car seems tailored for travel in Morocco, allowing for daily use in cities while having enough capacity for travel between urban centers.

The two-door four seater features comfortable modern seats, a large LCD touch-screen and a clean and functional interior. Chery EQ1 was clearly made with the young and cheerful in mind; the car offers its new model in distinct colors such as a “sweet pink” exterior and a “dreamlike blue” interior.

Reliable and responsive

The EQ1 is produced by Chery, China’s leading car manufacturer. After a brief absence the brand has returned to Morocco ready to make an impression. Chery cars are popular in North Africa, and the Chinese giant’s new electric vehicle seems to be tailored for Morocco’s electric car revolution.

Chery’s EQ1 is the result of the company’s two decades of experience with innovative car manufacturing and extensive research and development. The company has 10 factories outside of China, and more than 1,500 international distributors serving 1.9 million customers outside China, as well as selling 8 million cars at home.

Chery’s extensive research has produced a car that offers a top-of-the-line battery that provides both safety and reliability. Its EQ1 offers a full aluminium body, more commonly seen on more expensive models, and offers three different ways of charging the car.

Chery is back in Morocco, and ready to make an impression. The Chinese company is set to kickstart the electric car revolution in Morocco, and offer a sleek and accessible car for the country’s youthful population. With Chery being China’s top car exporter, Morocco now has a reliable source for green and smart transportation that matches the country’s green energy ambitions.


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