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Moroccan Government Sets Non-Taxed Artisans’ Contribution to Social Coverage

This regulation is in line with King Mohammed VI’s instruction to generalize social coverage.

26 Dec 2021

The ministry of Tourism, Handicraft, and Social Economy and solidarity, has set the social coverage to non-taxed artisans registered on the National Register of Craftsmen at 135 dirhams per month.

A statement from the ministry said that the Council of Government adopted a law defining the regulatory framework for the Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO) for non-taxed artisans on December 23.

The law sets a contribution tailored to the income of professionals on the basis of a coefficient of 0.75 of the value of the legale minimum wage (SMIG). The move is projected to enable artisans and their families to benefit from social coverage, according to the release. The ministry noted non-taxed artisans will contribute with an estimated monthly equivalent to 135 dirhams per month.

Access to health insurance specific to non-taxed artisans remains subject to an update of the status of craftsman and registration in the National Register of Craftsmen, said the same source.

The statement also noted that CNSS and its relay points will be in charge of receiving monthly contributions. The adopted text fortifies the regulatory framework of social coverage for artisans subject to simplified accounting tax regimes, the Single Professional Contribution (CPU), and the autoentrepreneur.

The part dedicated to the craft industry intends to enroll 750,000 craftspeople in the social security system.

This regulation is in line with King Mohammed VI’s instruction to generalize social coverage.

In a speech on October 29, the monarch urged the government to work on the generalization of mandatory medical coverage for all Moroccans by 2022.

As part of the “royal vision,” the Moroccan government is intensifying work to expand social security coverage to a large portion of the Moroccan population.

Morocco's Prime Minister, Aziz Akhannouch, announced on November 17 that 3 million people will be covered by medical insurance under Morocco's new pension and compulsory health insurance regulations.


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