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Morocco, Korea Prepare to Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Relations

Morocco was Korea’s first partner in Africa in 1962, and the two countries have since taken steps to consolidate their cooperation in a wide range of fields.

28 Dec 2021

Rabat – As Morocco and the Republic of Korea prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic relations next year, the Korea-Arab Society (KAS) alongside Morocco’s embassy in Seoul and the Korean Embassy in Rabat have revealed the official logo chosen among 105 entries submitted from both countries.

Created by the Moroccan designer Anas Sidki, the official logo highlights the common colors of the Moroccan and Korean flags – blue, green, and red – with a focus on the Moroccan geometric traditional shapes used in tiles art, Korean calligraphy, and the Mugunghwa, the national flower of Korea.

The infinity shape in the logo symbolizes the two countries’ shared history and long-lasting diplomatic relation. The winning logo will be used in all official activities held by the two countries throughout 2022.

Meanwhile the second and third prize awards went to Kim Chaemin from Korea and Zakariae Edderyouch from Morocco, respectively.

During the awards ceremony held online on December 22, Moroccan Ambassador to Korea Chafik Rachadi outlined the winners’ ingenuity. He stressed that he is looking forward to the various celebrations scheduled for next year, saying the events will testify to the strong and significant diplomatic ties between Morocco and Korea.

Recalling that Morocco was Korea’s first partner in the African continent back in 1962, the Moroccan diplomat argued that next year’s celebration of six decades of cordial relations will mark a watershed moment in the countries’ historical friendship.

The news adds to positive developments in Korean-Moroccan relations in recent weeks. On December 9, the Korean embassy in Rabat revealed the names of two Moroccan veterans of the Korean War.

Despite the North African country not being directly involved in the war, historical archives shed light on what the embassy labelled as a forgotten but essential chapter in six decades of Moroccan-Korean ties.

For six decades, the two countries have shaped their relations in several fields, showing notable and constant cooperation in the automotive sector, the medical sector, technological innovation, the media industry, and the fight against climate crisis.


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