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Medical Industry: ABA Technology, MMI Cluster Join Forces to Promote 'Made in Morocco'

30 Dec 2021

Casablanca - The ABA Technology Group and the Moroccan Medical & Biomedical Industrial Cluster (MMI) signed, Wednesday in Casablanca, a partnership agreement for the development of industrialization of medical devices 'Made in Morocco'.

This partnership relies on the expertise of the Moroccan group ABA Technology in Internet of Things (IoT), electronics and life science to support MMI Cluster in the industrialization of health-tech solutions and innovative medical devices.

Indeed, through its industrial engines, Nextronic, Mediot and Nextcor, ABA Technology has a robust industrial base, which brings together different expertise in engineering and development of new products, manufacturing of electronic boards, embedded software and plastic injection dedicated to the medical sector.

This expertise will be made available to the MMI Cluster, as a player in the medical technology ecosystem, to provide targeted and personalized support to this high-tech industry and thus strengthen the manufacturing and local industrialization of connected medical solutions labeled Morocco.

Under this partnership, placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the aspects of collaboration will be based primarily on the transfer of technological and industrial know-how, the sharing of expertise in the local manufacture of medical devices, and the promotion of local manufacturing as a lever for industrial recovery, job creation and export.

This strategic alliance consolidates the commitment of ABA Technology and its subsidiaries to contribute to making Morocco a destination in the field of health-tech in perfect alignment with the new royal vision based on the Moroccan industrialization of health products, health sovereignty, and the promotion of local manufacturing and Made in Morocco.

Speaking on this occasion, Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, expressed his pride in this agreement that ensures a 'very promising future' in terms of development of advanced technologies that meet international standards and will compete with global giants in the field.


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