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Moroccan Culture Minister Oversees Renovation Projects in Sale

Sale, Rabat’s twin-city, is undergoing a series of renovations extending to sites of historical and cultural significance.

03 Jan 2022

Rabat - Morocco’s Culture, Youth, nd Communication Minister, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid and Mohamed Yaoukobi, the Waly (governor) of the Rabat-Sale-Kenitra region, visited this morning a number of ongoing youth- and culture-related projects in the medina (old city) of Sale.

The public officials took a tour of the historical city, visiting a number of infrastructures undergoing renovation before reopening for visitors.

The renovation process is extending to multiple historical sites such as Ibn Toumart School, Alkaa Hotel, and Lala Asmae School.

As part of their field visit, the minister and his delegation also visited the Kisariyat Al Hanbal, Sahat Souk Alghzal, two traditional marketplaces with historical significance, and Alsalya Hotel.

Al Domoua Tour, Dar Al Baroud, and Al Miniya School, one of Morocco’s oldest schools also figured on the list of sites visited by the Minister.

All the aforementioned places are under renovation as part of the Culture, Youth, and Communication Ministry’s program to rehabilitate Sale’s medina.

During the visit, Bensaid emphasized the historical significance of the city, underscoring the importance of safeguarding its heritage as it constitutes an important element of the Moroccan national indentity.

Sale’s ancient city with its historical sites showcases the material and cultural heritage of the Moroccan nation, explained Bensaid.

In addition to their historical significance, the visited sites are of paramount importance to local economic development as they’re expected to generate profits for local residents, he added.


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