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Morocco-ABA Technology Deal To Boost Medical Manufacturing

Cooperation with tech-giant ABA Technology is projected to give Morocco the necessary know-how to achieve its medical manufacturing ambitions.

06 Jan 2022

Rabat - ABA Technology Group and the Morocco Medical and Biomedical Industrial Cluster (MMI) signed a partnership deal in December 2021 in Casablanca, laying the foundation for Morocccan-made medical devices.

Under the deal, the tech-giant ABA Technology will share know-how with the MMI, stimulating local manufacturing of medical-grade devices in the North African country.

ABA Technology is a global leader in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), embedding devices with a high level of internet-enabled connectivity.

With access to ABA Technology’s expertise in (IoT), electronics, and health-tech, Morocco’s Medical Cluster will morph into a regional medical-manufacturing power.

Brokered by Morocco’s trade and manufacturing ministry, the deal relegates special importance to promoting locally-made medical devices.

The deal came a day after Ryad Mezzour, minister of Trade and Manufacturing, Khalid Aytalib, minister of Health and Social Security, and Mohamed Elmanjra, president of the Moroccan Association for Health Groups all signed a joint protocol agreementl to boost medical manufacturing.

In light of the agreements, the three parties pledged to support and promote national medical suppliers and begin funding programs for business initiatives in the medical field.

In recent years, Morocco has increased efforts to transform into a manufacturing hub. Per Morocco’s New Development Model (Morocco’s vision for socio-economic development), the country has been enacting multiple pro-market policies to enhance the business climate.

Morocco now views stimulating the economy as the backbone of generating profits and creating jobs.

Simultaneously, Morocco’s grand infrastructure projects boost the country’s prospects as a “gateway to Africa.”

Morocco is heavily investing in next-generation ports in the north and south of the country to attract investments and businesses to manufacture in Morocco and export to Europe and the Americas.


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