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Moroccan Joint Venture to Provide Catering at Shell Stations in Morocco

The international business agreement will bring improved catering to Shell service stations across Morocco.

06 Jan 2022

Rabat - Petroleum company Vivo Energy Maroc signed today a joint venture with Multi Food Group.

Following the approval of the Moroccan authorities, Vivo Energy Maroc and MFG created MFG Vivo Holding Joint Venture. Vivo Energy Maroc holds exclusive licensing to commercialize the products and services of the Anglo-Dutch multinational Shell in Morocco.

The joint venture aims to open a series of restaurants in Shell service stations. They will also meet clients’ demands for innovative and enriched catering offers.

Senior management of Vivo Energy Maroc celebrated the event and explained the opportunities the joint venture will bring to both companies, their employees, and their customers.

Taoufik Bensouda, the President of the Multi Food Group, explained: “the visibility and scope of the Shell network will bring real added value to the development of our franchises.” He described the project as “a powerful vector of employability and localized growth.”

Managing Director of Vivo Energy Maroc George Roberts agreed with Bensouda. He stated that 'this collaboration [...] is perfectly in line with our development and growth strategy in Morocco. Vivo Energy Maroc thus firmly maintains its commitment to its national roots and an improved customer experience.”

Another top management officer from Vivo Energy Maroc added that “pursuing this integration policy, Vivo Energy Maroc completes and improves the customer experience while meeting new consumer expectations.'

The joint venture is not the first example of a partnership between Vivo Energy Maroc and catering companies. Vivo Energy Maroc previously signed with well-established companies operating in the catering sector, such as the American multinational fast-food chain, Burger King, and French bakery chain, Brioche Dorée.


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