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Mohammedia Port to Become Morocco’s First Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal

Natural gas has great potential in assisting Morocco’s strategy to secure energy sources.

06 Jan 2022

Rabat – Morocco’s National Ports Agency (ANP) has launched a call for tenders to update the study of substation C at the port of Mohammedia. The due date of the bid submission is January 15, 2021.

Local media reported that Mohammedia port was chosen to host Morocco’s first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal, equipped with a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU).

The study is to be delivered within seven months and is composed of several sub-missions focused on different aspects such as data analysis, safety, mooring, and preliminary design.

To reinforce Morocco’s strategy in supplying natural gas and guaranteeing efficient productivity of Mohammedia port, “The ANP plans to study the implementation of a terminal for LNG and FSRU,” said ANP, quoted by many local media.

Aziz Rabbah, former minister of transportation and equipment, launched the first call for tenders in April of last year to build a unit that can transform liquefied gas into natural gas off the coast of Morocco.

The project aims to create an alternative for Morocco to import LNG by sea.

In October 2021 meanwhile, Morocco’s Ministry of Energy Transition announced the extension of the duration of the bid related to the construction of a station to transform natural gas into liquefied gas off the coast of Morocco.

Many international companies showed interest in the bid, such as the British firm Sound Energy who secured binding conditional agreelents on December 29 for MAD 167 million ($18 million) of financing for the first phase of Tenderer LNG in Morocco.

After Algeria stopped supplying gas to Morocco in November 2021, the Kingdom has been implementing alternative means to secure energy sources.


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