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Minister: The Digitalization of Moroccan Administration A Reality in the Making

Officials have confirmed the digitalization of 2,700 administrative procedures as part of the implementation of Law 55.19 requiring the simplification of administrative procedures and formalities outlined on the “Idarati” website.

06 Jan 2022

Rabat - The Minister Delegate in charge of digital transition and administrative reform, Ghita Mezzour, highlighted the delegation’s recent achievements during a hearing session at the Representative House on January 3.

Morocco has nearly 34 million internet users, placing it in the top three African countries with the largest internet networks. However, the minister considers it “not enough.” She added that, “we are working on expanding and strengthening our coverage.”

The delegation’s efforts for expanding the internet network and coverage go hand-in-hand with the 2018-2023 national strategy to connect rural areas. So far, 7,450 out of 10,147 targeted zones have benefitted from the plan.

The governmental effort to provide every Moroccan in urban and rural areas with internet access is a first step towards the Digitalization of Moroccan Administration. Mezzour stressed that digitalization is essential to facilitate administrative procedures.

The “digitalization of public administration” means granting citizens and residents digital access to government services. As a prerequisite, Morocco first intends to ensure most Moroccans have affordable access to the internet.

While the delegation is in charge of expanding internet coverage, the Moroccan Agency for digital development is launching a digital platform to connect public institutions. The initiative aims to facilitate the exchange of information between establishments and ease the administrative procedures for citizens.

As part of the digitalization effort, 1,730 public institutions are participating in workshops that aim to address obstacles faced by citizens while interacting with public institutions.

Mezzour confirmed that 40,000 online requests of information from citizens were processed with an 85% success rate and an average response period of 20 days. The delegation is currently collecting information from public institutions and making it accessible online to every Moroccan with access to the internet.

International Support of Morocco’s Digitalization Initiative

Over the last 20 years, Morocco launched three ambitious digitalization projects: e-Morocco 2010 (2005-2010), Maroc Digital 2013 (2009-2013), and Maroc Digital 2020 (2015-2020). The three strategies demonstrate the ongoing efforts of the Moroccan government to modernize and digitalize public institutions.

The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) provide Moroccans and the government with a variety of opportunities. ICT facilitates the exchange of information between institutions, improves the efficiency of public services, and simplifies the administrative procedures of citizens.

Morocco’s efforts have been recognized by international entities, including the World Bank and the European Investment Bank.

In June 2020, the World Bank provided Morocco with $500 Million (MAD 4.6 billion) as part of the Financial and Digital Inclusion Development Policy Financing (DPF) program.

World Bank Maghreb Country Director Jesko Hentschel stated that “during this crisis, Morocco’s digital transition accelerated rapidly, showing the country’s capacity for a greater scale up.” He added that “today, more than ever, digitalization opens new opportunities for Morocco, ranging from more fluid economic transactions to better services to citizens and businesses [...] Through the current support, we aim to boost this potential and leverage digital transformation for more inclusive growth.”

In March 2021, the European Investment Bank signed an €85 million (MAD 890.5 million) contract with Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc to boost the digitalization of the motorway infrastructure and sector and improve the traffic flow and road safety.


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