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Morocco Among Fastest Growing Markets for Porsche

Porsche CEO of the Middle East and Africa revealed that Morocco is one of Porsche’s fastest-growing markets.

10 Jan 2022

Rabat - Morocco is the third fastest-growing market for German luxury car manufacturer Porsche, according to manfred Braunl, CEO of Porsche Middle East and Africa.

Braunl further revealed that Porsche has significant expansion plans for Morocco including enhancing brand awareness in the country.

As part of its Morocco expansion strategy, Porsche announced in December 2021 opening 33 free-charging stations for hybrid vehicles.

Through the “Porsche Destination Charging” program, the German car manufacturer is heavily investing in 3,152 Alternating Current (AC) charging stations across 20 countries.

Aiming to stimulate the sales of electric cars, Porsche’s initiative targeted exclusively luxury hotels and hotels in Morocco.

The list of hotels includes the world’s best hotels, Mamounia, Sofitel Marrakech, Sofitel Tamuda Bay, Syrayan Boutique Hotel, Paradis Plage, and Hyatt Taghazout.

Porsche also announced plans to set up future charging stations in Sofitel Jardin des roses, Sofitel Tour Blanche, Fairmont hotel Royal Palm, Fairmont Residences Royal Palm, Complexe la Corniche, and Restaurant du Port Mohammedia.

Speaking during the program’s launching, Porsche's spokesperson expressed the company’s readiness to promote electric cars.

The Porsche charging initiative reflects awareness of a larger issue challenging the adoption of electric cars, he said.

Surprisingly, the major reason behind the widespread adoption of electric cost is not the high cost of electric charging, but concerns about the scarcity of charging stations.

Charging remains one of the primary challenges hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. In a poll conducted by the Economist, respondents cited “range anxiety” -- fear of not finding where to charge electric vehicles -- as the primary reason for their reluctance to opt for electric vehicles.

As electric car manufacturing becomes more mainstream, the cost of electric vehicles is expected to drop. However, many predict that the scarcity of charging stations will linger the effect of “range anxiety.”


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