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Government Officially Launches ‘Awrach’ Program to Create 250,000 Jobs

The government launched the program to support 250,000 Moroccan men and women who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

13 Jan 2022

Morocco's government has officially launched “Awrach” (Workshops), a new government employment program.

Moroccan Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch signed a decree on January 12 which launched the “temporary building sites” component of the project which aims to create 250,000 direct jobs in 2022 and 2023.

The signing of the decree officially marks the kickoff of one of the government's flagship commitments.

The Awrach program intends to benefit a total of 250,000 Moroccan men and women in all Moroccan regions and provinces over a period of two years. The initiative falls within the 2021-2026 framework of the government’s program to benefit those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

The head of government circulated the decree to ministers and deputy ministers, to start the political implementation of its provisions.

The government will allocate a budget of MAD 2.25 billion ($243.7 million) in 2022 to the program which has two main components.

The first component will cover 80% of the beneficiaries and concerns temporary workcamps. It allows the beneficiaries to have an income equal to the minimum wage throughout the work site as well as social coverage and a certificate at the end of their employment at the site.

The second component concerns the sustainable integration of 20% of the workforce to meet the needs of services.

This will allow the beneficiaries to have an income at least equal to the interprofessional guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG) during a period of 24 months, as well as social coverage. For each hired beneficiary, employers will receive an incentive of 1,500 DH from the state during 18 months.

Among others, the program includes work on roads’ construction, the restoration of monuments and public facilities, afforestation and the preparation of green spaces. The government will translate the program into activities that provide public benefit and sustainable development.

The statement from the head of government outlined that “regional committees will be responsible for overseeing the proper implementation of the program at the regional level.”

Additionally, a steering mechanism for this project has been put in place at both the central and regional levels with a strategic committee chaired by the head of government.


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