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Anouar Berra Joins Executive Board of La Marocaine Vie

With a vision of accelerating digital transformation, La Marocaine Vie names digital-savvy Anouar Berra Deputy Director-General.

13 Jan 2022

Rabat - Major healthcare insurance provider La Marocaine Vie has named Anouar Berra deputy director-general.

According to a January 12 press release, Anouar Berra will spearhead the implementation of the company’s forward-looking vision as deputy director-general.

Joining the ranks of the company’s executive committee, Berra will lead the company’s digitization strategy, and to enhance the company’s services.

Anouar Berra’s extensive experience in “information systems” was important for his appointment to lead the company’s digital transformation strategy.

Having worked for 20 years within the digital sector internationally, Berra has expertise in digital transformation projects within businesses.

Starting his career as a software engineer at a French consulting firm in 2000, Berra gradually climbed the corporate ladder. Three years later he became responsible for “Delivery & Versioning” at Sogessur, a Societe Generale Assurance subsidiary. He was then promoted to Systems’ Engineer at Infrastructure Group, a consulting group

Reaching one career milestone after another, in 2009, Berra oversaw the operation of launching the microfinancing firm Societe General group in the Indian market.

With the successful debut of the operations in India, Berra was put in charge of the “SGCF Offshore' program,” a global expansion program for the banking group.

Berra first joined Societe Generale Assurance in 2011 as an International Digital Coordinator and was later promoted to International Systemes’ Director in 2014.

In 2018 Berra was named Resource Director of BRD Asigurari de viata, the Societe Generale Assurance Romanian division, where he was in charge of the division’s digital activities, cyber security, sales, and logistics.

His career is coupled with impressive academic qualifications. Anouar Berra is an engineering-degree holder from one of Morocco’s most prestigious engineering schools, Rabat’s Mohammadia Engineering School (EMI). He is also a master’s degree holder in Management and International Information Systems from the Business and Telecommunication School in Paris (ESSEC).

Berra’s academic qualification and career made him a candidate to implement the La Marocaine Vie ambitious growth strategy.

Debuted in Morocco in 1978, La Marocaine Vie is a major healthcare insurance provider that offers saving, and retirement plans in the north African country.

La Marocaine Vie’s largest shareholders are the Societe Generale Maroc banking group, with 49% of shares, and Societe Generale Assurances, with 51% of shares.


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