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    Morocco, Portugal to Use 14th High-Level Meeting to Boost Ties

    The two countries concluded the recent meeting with the signing of an agreement to facilitate legal and safe migration flows.

    14 Jan 2022

    Rabat - Morocco and Portugal are seeking to boost bilateral cooperation to meet “shared ambitions.”

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita and his Portuguese counterpart Santos Silva held a virtual meeting today, in which they discussed the need to develop bilateral cooperation.

    During the meeting, Silva expressed satisfaction with the “excellence of bilateral relations” between the two countries, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a readout.

    The Portuguese FM also stressed the need to strengthen cooperation to reinforce the strategic partnership between Lisbon and Rabat.

    The statement also mentioned the upcoming 14th session of the High-Level meeting between Morocco and Portugal that is expected to take place in Portugal.

    Bourita and Silva agreed to make the event an “opportunity to boost bilateral relations” to meet shared ambitions and also explore new opportunities of partnership.

    The high-level meeting is also projected to create synergies in terms of value chains, investment promotion, and triangular cooperation.

    Silva reiterated his country’s commitment to the strategic partnership between Morocco and Portugal.

    He notably “affirmed Portugal’s support, through direct referral to the Court of the Justice of the European Union (CURIA), in support of the EU Council decision to appeal the judgments of the European court on agricultural and fisheries agreements with Morocco,” the statement added.

    In September 2021, the court ruled to annul agreements between the EU and Morocco on fisheries and agriculture.

    The verdict, however, has no immediate effects on the agreements, and Morocco and the EU have both appealed against a verdict and renewed their commitment to maintaining their cooperation.

    Bourita and Silva also discussed regional and international issues, including sharing views on serious and credible efforts to end ongoing conflicts.

    Silva lauded Morocco’s efforts and key role as a “regional pole of stability and a driver of economic growth in Africa.”

    The two ministers concluded the talks with the signing of an agreement on the residence and employment of Moroccan workers in Portugal.

    The agreement will facilitate legal and safe migration flows between the two countries, according to the ministry’s readout.

    Cooperation between Lisbon and Rabat has increased in recent years, with trade especially spiking as the two countries cemented their ties.

    Statistics from Trading Economics indicate that Portugal’s exports to Morocco stood at $716.18 million in 2020.

    Meanwhile, Moroccan exports to Portugal reached $370 million in dring the same period.


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