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    Morocco to Renovate Tetouan Airport

    The project aims to expand the airport's hosting capacity and ensure the smooth running of flight operations.

    14 Jan 2022

    Morocco's National Airports Authority (ONDA) has selected architect Zakaria Errafii to carry out the planning and monitoring of work on the project to build a passenger terminal and a control tower at the airport of Tetouan, northern Morocco.

    With an estimated budget of MAD 110 million ($ million), the Tetouan airport renovation project will be a fee rate proposed by the architect and finally retained at 4%, according to local sources.

    Projected to enhance the Tetouan airport and enlarge its capacity, the plan includes the construction of a passenger terminal on a 5,000-square-meter. The site is set to host facilities such as a public hall, inspection sections, sorting and baggage delivery, check-in, customs control, border police, and boarding rooms.

    As part of its contribution to the project, ONDA will build a brand new runway for the airport. In addition to the associated infrastructure, the runway project is expected to cost a whopping MAD 285.5 million.

    Local media report that the objective of the project is to raise the airport's hosting capacity to 300,000 passengers annually.

    Citing a statement by ONDA, many outlets have reported that a control tower will be set to ensure 'the smooth running of flight operations, meeting the standards of aviation in force, including the technical service guides of airbases.'

    Located only a few kilometers from the city of Tetouan, the airport was renovated in 2008. It is currently located on a 3,000-square-meter land with a single 2,300-meter runway and has an annual reception capacity of 100,000 passengers.

    The news of the project comes as Morocco continues to ramp up investments in its aerospace industry.

    According to a study by Canada's trade commissioner, Morocco has “140 firms operating in aeronautics and aerospace, generating CAD 2.7 billion (MAD 19.6 billion; USD 2.2 billion) in export revenue and sustaining over 17,500 jobs.”


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