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    Yamed, Sergic Join Forces to Create Biben Venture

    Yamed Group and Sergic hope for Biben to become an important player in Morocco’s thriving real estate sector.

    03 Feb 2022

    Rabat - European real estate investment firm Yamed Group and international property manager Sergic announced in late January the launching of a joint property management venture under the name of “Biben.”

    The real estate venture will grow and develop within Morocco’s rising real sector, explains a joint press release.

    Drawing on Sergi’s over-60-year experience and Yamed Group’s know-how in real estate, Biben intends to offer transparency and innovation to meet the needs of the Moroccan real estate market.

    In addition to property management, Biben is projected to offer customers rental management services, optimizing leasing profitability for property owners by finding tenants, property maintenance, and rent collection services. Yamed Group and Sergic also hope for the venture to support clients manage payment defaults and relations with tenants.

    With a strong emphasis on innovation, Biben will harness technology to digitize services to meet market needs. The venture will further rely on technology to ensure effective communication with customers through a mobile application, supporting the company’s transparency ethos, says the joint statement.

    Morocco’s Dalida Ennaciri will lead the new venture as deputy general director. Ennaciri is the founder of Gestis, a Moroccan property management agency operating in metropolitan Casablanca, Mohammadia, Rabat, and Marrakech.

    Her expertise and knowledge of the intricacies of the Moroccan economic, social, and legal context underpinning the real estate market is a valuable asset to the venture growth prospects within the Moroccan market, explains the press release.

    Nicolas Milhe, deputy general director at Sergic overseeing the group’s international expansion, will be at the helm of the group as Biben’s general director.

    Biben’s management board also includes Camal Adda Ali as operational director. With over 15 years of experience in France’s property management landscape, Ali is another real estate veteran joining the venture to maximize its chances of success.


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