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    Converse Opens Its First African Store in Morocco Mall

    The American brand offers Moroccans a taste of the shoe company’s creative spirit during their global expansion.

    15 Mar 2022

    Rabat - American shoe company Converse has opened its first store in Morocco Mall Casablanca, representing the brand’s first store in Morocco and Africa.

    Celebrating the brand’s innovative spirit, the newest Converse store proudly highlights its wide range of product offerings and brings its creativity in style and self-expression to life in Morocco.

    Hudson Group, a leading retailer and distributor of sports and fashionwear products such as Converse, continues to strengthen the shoe company’s international presence.

    This launch resulted from huge efforts Hudson Morocco made to develop the Converse brand in Morocco.

    “After relaunching the Converse brand in Morocco and nurturing it through our wholesale partners, we reached a new milestone by opening the first Converse Monobrand store in the African continent,” said Driss El Azami, product and brand manager of Converse and Hudson in Morocco. “From now on, people of Casablanca can discover the latest collections of the American brand in the first store dedicated solely to Converse in Morocco.”

    He stressed, “This store will enable us to get close to our customers and provide them with services that align with the best international standards, as well as provide them with products that are exclusive to the brand such as those found in Europe and the US.”

    The Morocco Mall Converse store creates an interactive experience beyond the traditional ready-made shoes, offering the opportunity for personal expression.

    Converse has teamed up with Moroccan artist Samir Iramo, who has been participating in the international Create Next project led by the brand.

    Iramo met up with fans of Converse, offering them the unique experience of personalizing their shoes to transform them into works of art and customizing footwear to suit their individual style.

    According to the Morocco Mall website, the 120 square meters store is located on the first floor of Morocco Mall, at the main entrance level, and offers a wide selection of items for men, women, and children.

    The store offers diverse products to satisfy all tastes from classic to edgy looks.

    The opening of the Converse store in Casablanca confirms the position of Morocco as a leader in the sector as well as the quality of its national market.


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