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    Improving Housing Conditions in Morocco Hinges on Urbanism

    Morocco’s vision for quality housing for all requires public-private sector cooperation to overcome various challenges, according to the Al Omrane housing group

    07 Apr 2022

    Rabat - Improving housing conditions depends on building more projects that would extend the perimeter of a number of cities, Board Chairman of Al Omrane housing group, Badr Kanouni said on Wednesday.

    Speaking during a panel discussion as part of a virtual meeting on housing in Morocco, Kanouni explained that urban extensions constitute a long-term solution and are a good way to help improve housing conditions for all citizens.

    “To reach this goal, we need convergence and synergies between Morocco’s different policies, allowing us to offer the best possible housing conditions for Moroccans,” Kannouni said.

    “In Morocco, we are well aware of the many challenges facing our common vision of offering all Moroccans proper housing conditions. To this end, Morocco has enacted many reforms dedicated to improving housing conditions in the country,” he added.

    The New Development Model - a document to advise the government on how to develop policies in different areas - present's the country's vision for housing. Al Omrane Group also shares this vision through the many urban extensions projects set in place, he said during a panel discussion.

    During the meeting, Kannouni highlighted the role Al Omrane Group had played in overseeing the implementation of Morocco’s national housing policies.

    In the face of rapid urbanization, the group has medium and long-term plans to provide the necessary housing infrastructure and expand the perimeters of Moroccan towns and create new ones to accommodate the rising needs for housing units.

    In addition to solving the issue of rising demand for housing units, Al Omrane’s plans for urban extensions aim to provide sustainable and energy-efficient housing, including green spaces and the necessary public facilities.

    The urban extensions should be equipped to generate job opportunities, Khanouni pointed out, stressing the need for public-private sector cooperation to bring this vision to life.

    Al Omran’s official made his remarks during the Habitat and Francophonie Network (RHF) conference. The conference is organized by an international non-governmental organization whose mission is to “make access to housing more effective for all”.

    The RHF conference brings together organizations, and companies operating in French-speaking countries and states in Africa, Europe, and North America (Quebec) working in the urban development and social housing sector.


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