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    Laayoune Airport Recovers Nearly 90% of Its Pre-COVID Passengers

    Casablanca’s Mohammed V with more than 935 thousand passengers in February and March is Morocco’s busiest airport.

    28 Apr 2022

    Rabat - Laayoune’s Hassan I airport recovered 86% of its pre-pandemic passenger numbers in February and March, according to Morocco’s National Office of Airports (ONDA).

    A total of 28,452 passengers passed through the airport between February 7 and March 31, ONDA said in a press release on April 25.

    The press release listed passenger and flight numbers in more than 17 Moroccan airports.

    ONDA compared data from the second two months of 2022 to the same period in 2019 to highlight the recovery rate of airports following the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The report also said that Hassan I airport registered 277 flights between February 7 and March 31, 2022, compared to 385 flights in the same period in 2019 - these numbers reflect a 72% recovery rate of flights in Laayoune’s airport.

    Overall, Morocco’s airports registered more than 2.2 million passengers between February 7 and March 31, 2022. In the same period in 2019, Moroccan airports had more than 3.4 million passengers. This is a 65% recovery rate from their pre-COVID 19 levels.

    The ONDA also said in a report on March 30 that it will be upgrading the aviation infrastructure at Laayoune’s Hassan I airport during the second trimester of 2022. These aviation infrastructure upgrades will surely contribute to increasing the efficiency and the number of passengers in Hassan I airport.

    Morocco reopened its airspace on February 7, 2022, which greatly contributed to increasing the number of passengers over the last two months.

    Earlier this week Equipment, Transport, and Logistics Minister Mohamed Abdeljalil said Morocco is poised to remove the PCR test for vaccinated foreign tourists traveling to the country by air, in a bid to boost the tourism sector even further.


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