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    Nizar Baraka Hails Moroccan Expatriates’ Role in Sustaining National Economy

    Baraka emphasizes the critical role of the Moroccan diaspora in sustaining Morocco’s economy amid recent crises.

    17 May 2022

    Casablanca - Nizar Baraka, Secretary-General of the Istiqlal Party, emphasized yesterday in Rabat the essential role that Moroccans across the world play in helping the national economy, particularly during the Corona epidemic when remittances reached record levels.

    Baraka delivered a speech during the 11th regular session of the Istiqlal Party's Central Committee under the theme “The Role of Moroccans in the World in Implementing the New Development Model.”

    The session focused on methods to implement the Committee on the Development Model's suggestions pertaining to Moroccans across the world.

    In his speech, Baraka emphasized the Moroccan diaspora's strong attachment to Morocco and their capacity to grasp the epidemiological situation, which was not easy for everyone, based on the services and major activities they provide for their country and their family.

    He argued that the Istiqlal Party attaches great importance to overseas Moroccans, pointing out that the party has opened headquarters in many countries across the world to meet the demands of the Moroccan communities residing in said countries.

    During this week’s ordinary session, the Special Committee on the Development Model related to the Moroccans across the world formulated a number of proposals.

    According to Rafik Belkorchi, a Moroccan member of the World Committee of the Central Committee of the Istiqlal Party, the first and most important axis of these proposals is represented in the cultural ties that link the members of the community to their homeland.

    The second axis is related to investment and how Moroccans across the world contribute to major initiatives in Morocco, Belkorchi explained.

    The third axis is concerned with the many potential and skills of the Moroccan diaspora, particularly in the sectors of contemporary technology, media and communication, biology, and others. The last axis focuses on institutional and organizational issues, as well as the constitutionally protected rights of Moroccans worldwide.

    Baraka praised the Istiqlal Party for its proposals in the committee's report, which called for the establishment of creative programs to improve the status and connection of Moroccans across the world to their country.

    He further highlighted “the necessity to fortify this group's national identity in a way consistent with what was stated in the 2011 constitution, regarding the best representation of Moroccans across the world.”


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