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    Morocco’s Air Traffic to Recover by 75% in 2022

    Morocco received nearly 3.2 million passengers between February 7 and April 30, about 64% of air traffic the country recorded during the same period 3 years ago.

    17 May 2022

    Rabat - Mohammed Abdeljalil, Morocco’s Minister of Transports and Logistics, has said that all Moroccan airports registered a noted improvement in 2022.

    Abdeljalil made the statement in a communique his ministry issued in the aftermath of a meeting of the National Airports Office (ONDA). The meeting, which the minister chaired on May 13, explored the closure of borders in 2021 and concluded that ONDA expects Morocco’s air traffic to recover nearly 75% of 2019’s rates.

    Following the resumption of flights on February 7, Morocco received nearly 3.2 million passengers by April 30, which represents about 64% of air traffic recorded during the same period 3 years ago, the ministry stressed.

    ONDA’s 2021 financial statement reflects the impact of the health crisis on its activity, whose turnover reached MAD 2.1 billion ($208 million), a decrease of 50% compared to 2019 and up by 34% compared to 2020. As for the net result, the Office recorded a deficit of MAD 1 billion ($99 million).

    Meanwhile, operating expenses recorded MAD 1.8 billion ($178 million), indicating a decrease of 7% compared to 2019 but an increase of 0.5% compared to 2020.

    On the one hand, ONDA’s balance sheet ended on December 31, 2021, noted a traffic of 9.94 million passengers, a decrease of nearly 60% compared to 2019, and up by 39% compared to 2020.

    On the other hand, the air cargo reached 70,000 tonnes, a decrease of 27% compared to 2019, but an increase of 14% compared to 2020. ONDA also stressed that the aircraft traffic recorded a decline of nearly 51% compared to 2019, and up by 42% compared to 2020.

    During 2021, the office was still implementing new projects in the framework of “Flight 2025,” its new strategic plan. Moreover, this year was also marked by the opening of a new terminal for domestic flights at the Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca. The opening of the new terminal at Nador El-Aroui airport which increased its capacity to 2 million passengers, and the resumption of construction in the airport of Rabat-Sale were also highlights of 2021.


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