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    Morocco’s Tourism Revenues Reached Nearly $1 Billion in March

    Morocco has in recent weeks taken several measures to invigorate its hard-hit, essential tourism sector after two years of pandemic-induced disruptions.

    18 May 2022

    Rabat - Morocco’s tourism appears to be on track to recover the losses it suffered during the peak of the COVID crisis, with revenues reaching MAD 9.7 billion (nearly $1 billion) at the end of March 2022.

    The figures represent an 80% increase compared to the same period last year, Minister of Tourism Fatim-Zahra Ammor announced on Monday.

    Speaking during a parliamentary session at the House of Representatives, Ammor emphasized that the noted increase in Morocco’s tourism revenues comes to confirm that the sector has considerably recovered from its COVID-induced losses since the reopening of borders in February.

    She pointed to the measures the government has taken to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, notably recalling the launch of a MAD 2 billion ($199.75 million) emergency plan to revive the sector and provide financial assistance to hard-hit employees.

    Ammor also recalled the campaigns Morocco has launched to revive its hospitality industry and double the number of tourist arrivals by 2030.

    Morocco’s National Tourist Office (ONMT) has in recent weeks launched a series of campaigns to attract more tourists and tourism operators to the North African kingdom.

    The ultimate goal is to invigorate Morocco’s hard-hit, essential tourism sector after two years of pandemic-induced disruptions to the hospitality industry.

    “Morocco, the Land of Light” is one of the campaigns ONMT launched in April to list Morocco among the “world’s most coveted tourist destinations.”

    The campaign notably aims to reinforce the country's notoriety and attractiveness in the international market, and its targets include France, Spain, Germany, the UK, the US, Israel, as well as African and Middle Eastern states. It also aims to attract tourists aged between 25 and 59, including people that are interested in beaches, culture, and nature.

    On Monday this week, ONMT announced the launch of its “Light Tour” in Paris, London, and New York,” noting that the initiative seeks to put more focus on Morocco’s tourism assets as part of ONMT’s vision for post-COVID recovery.

    The tour will kick off in Paris today, followed by London tomorrow, and New York on May 19

    “We will continue our work to promote Morocco in international markets. In the aftermath of the Land of Light campaign, it was important for us to fully involve Moroccan professionals in promoting Morocco as a holiday destination,” ONMT General Director Abdel El Fakir said.


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