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    Technology/Agribusiness: Moroccan, Israeli Companies Discuss Ways of Cooperation

    25 May 2022

    Casablanca - Moroccan and Israeli companies have examined, Tuesday in Casablanca, the prospects for collaboration and partnership in the field of agri-food technologies within the framework of the 'Morocco-Israel: Connect to Innovate' Forum.

    During the first working session held a day after the official launch of this Forum, investors from both countries have exchanged on the best agricultural practices based on innovation.

    On this occasion, the stakeholders of the Israeli agriculture and food-tech sector expressed their willingness to establish partnerships with Morocco, a global leader in fertilizers, which is now part of the new cooperation strategy of Israeli startups.

    Speakers from both countries highlighted the growing demand for food around the world despite the lack of water and arable land caused by climate hazards.

    As such, they stressed the need to strengthen agri-food supply chains to ensure food security of countries while promoting sustainable agriculture through technological innovation.

    Several Israeli experts presented advanced solutions that promote agricultural yields, optimize crops, and allow stakeholders to achieve their goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    For their part, the heads of Israeli investment funds specialized in Food-Tech PeakBridge and SmartAgro, namely Nadav Berger and Dganit Vered, highlighted the immense opportunities for collaboration between the two countries that face the same climate challenges.

    They also shared the vocation of Israeli Agri-Tech startups to provide innovative state-of-the-art solutions that integrate both the sustainability component and profitability issues for agricultural entities.

    Vered and Berger called on Moroccan investors to come and learn more about the Israeli Agri-Tech and Food-Tech ecosystem, which features 450 startups and is strongly supported by the government.

    Initiated jointly by Start-Up Nation Central and Consensus Public Relations, this Forum is a unique event bringing together Moroccan and Israeli leaders, from the private and public sectors, around the theme of technological innovation in the fields of agri-food, water, logistics, energy and sustainable development.

    The event features a series of workshops, business sessions, B2B meetings and networking events. Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that works to promote the Israeli innovation ecosystem to the world.


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