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    Border Reopening ‘Significantly’ Boosts Tangier Maritime Traffic

    Current figures remain low compared to the pre-pandemic era.

    04 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Traffic at Morocco’s ports in Tangier has increased significantly since the resumption of relations between Morocco and Spain.

    Government Spokesperson Mustapha Baitas on Thursday stressed that about a month after the borders’ reopening between the two countries, some 116,000 passengers have passed through the ports of Tangier.

    He made his remark during a press briefing following the weekly government council held in Rabat.

    According to official figures, 78,497 passengers and 22,918 vehicles entered via the Tanger Med port.

    At the same time, 65,684 passengers and 18,708 vehicles left the Moroccan port for foreign destinations.

    Regarding the Tangier City port, statistics indicate that 38,292 passengers contributed to 5,210 entries, while it recorded 35,967 passengers and 5,201 exits.

    While the recent figures are still far from reaching those in the pre-pandemic era, it appears that there is a gradual improvement of maritime traffic at Tangier City and Tangier-Med.

    Highlighting the monthly volumes, Baitas appeared optimistic about the Operation Marhaba 2022, a logistical initiative that seeks to facilitate the return of the Moroccan diaspora for the summer holidays.

    The Tangier Med port authority seeks to invest MAD 150 million ($15.2 million) in infrastructure “to prepare the transit operation and ensure health security, while strengthening the port’s comfort and control capacities,” said the Deputy Director General of the Tangier Med Port Authority Hassan Abkari.

    The number of check-in counters at the ferry terminal has been increased from 10 to 16, in addition to the deployment of 32 counters in the port for passengers with vehicles.

    The ministerial meeting also took note of the “air services” agreement between Morocco and the Philippines, signed on March 17 in Rabat. The cabinet introduces a draft law to ratify the agreement to expand air services between our two countries.

    The agreement seeks to develop an international aviation system based on competition between airlines of both countries.


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