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    Ministry of Health Has Developed Four-phase Plan against Monkeypox (Minister)

    08 Jun 2022

    Rabat - Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, said on Monday that the services of his department have developed a four-phase plan to counter monkeypox, stressing that this disease does not have the same capacity of propagation as Covid-19.

    Answering a question on 'preventive measures taken against the spread of monkeypox virus' during the weekly session of oral questions at the House of Representatives, the minister explained that the first phase of this plan is to train health professionals in how to diagnose and treat the disease.

    The second, he added, concerns the process of diagnosing the disease in laboratories, noting in this regard that the Kingdom currently has four laboratories capable of diagnosing monkeypox.

    Ait Taleb added that the third phase of this plan is related to the management of suspected cases, while the fourth is about the separation of infected people from their contacts.

    He said that if the infection of a person is confirmed, the optimal method at the stage of treatment is the isolation at home for a period of three weeks, specifying that admission to a hospital occurs only in critical cases, when the patient is affected at the level of the lung, brain or eye.

    Noting that the monkeypox virus does not spread as easily as the coronavirus and that the chain of transmission is interrupted quickly, the minister stressed that there is no cure for this disease, whose virus disappears after three weeks of infection. Nevertheless, he emphasized the need for vigilance.

    The Ministry of Health and Social Protection had announced, on June 2, the first confirmed case of monkeypox, noting that it is a case from a European country, detected under the protocol established by Morocco since the launch of the global health alert. The Ministry had assured that the patient's health condition is stable and does not cause concern, adding that he is under medical supervision in accordance with the health measures adopted in that respect.


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